Sunday, September 27, 2015

REVIEW: Catwa - Jessica Mesh Head

Hi! Here is my first review. This is about the new Catwa Mesh Head Jessica. It is available at the mainstore for L$ 3,599.
It is a very well done head, customizable and animated.


  • Designer: Catwa
  • Name: Jessica
  • Version: v1.1 
  • Price: L$ 3,599
  • Animations: Talk Animations - 9 Animated Expressions - Chat Triggers
  • Huds: Hairbase - Head

Includes 2 Huds: Hairbase and Head.

The Haribase Hud is full of colors, it's easy to find the right tone.
It is divided in 4 categories of colors.

The Head Hud is full of categories. The first one is about Expressions and Animation!

-Talk: When you type, your mouth moves like if you're talking;
-Gestures: The head will do animations when you type shortcuts/triggers on local chat (written on a notecard);

-Blink Speed: Blinking frequently or not;

-Eyes/Lips Expressions
Static Eyes and Lips Expressions.
4 Eyes and 3 Lips.

-9 Animations: The animations can be fronzen or played, that's great if you have to take a picture. All of them are very nice! 

There are 4 categories for the appearance, it is not fully customizable, but a great part of it.

-Skin: The first one is about the Skin, you can use a default skin, an applier or just apply your own texture to use your own creation.

-Lips/Blush & Eyes/Brows: Choose a Lipstick, Blush, Eyes and Brows, you can use your own texture here too. To remove the make up just press "Clear".

-Tint/Alpha/Lashes: Here you have many options about the tint of Skin, Hair and Lashes. Then  alpha options for head (in case your hair are too small), ears alpha and lashes alpha. Last one neck size and lashes texture.

What is Good

-Match perfectly with the most part of mesh bodies (maitreya, slink, belleza...).
-You can save all your favorite appliers into the head hud, it is easier to find your favorite skins or make up, etc.
-So many animations, emotions and statics. Very well done. And i love the possibility to make the emotions animated or frozen.
-Good alpha options for the most important parts: head, ears and lashes.

What is Bad
-The head is not fully customizable, so you will never looks totally different from others.
-The ears looks bad, just like the standard sl av ears.
-"Skins" category is weird. It looks like we have many tones of skin, but that's just about eyebrows.

My comments
I really love this head, I think is very well made. I like so much the shape, and it looks great with every skin. Then, I love the animations and expressions too, Everything is great to me, I probably will start to use this head frequently.
The only one..I hope to have it more customizable, I want to look a lil bit different from others, so.. let's hope to have more options.

Skin [The Skinnery] - Este Skin - Catwa Applier - Mocca
Hair [Entwined] - Elena - Naturals B
Eyes [Buzzeri] - Lillian Eyes - Pitch


  1. Nice review, would be nice to see it updated because in version 2 somethings have been updated like the teeth and lashes they are now rigged so customizable. Also the skins section has been updated.
    The ears are still poor but you can hide them :)

    I also love the tinting system, tint your hairbase, lashes, eyebrows but also change the color of your eyeshadow and lipsticks.

    1. Hi Angela, thank you! I got the update, it is very nice, so I'll make a review about the new version as soon as possible! :D