Tuesday, October 20, 2015

REVIEW: Catwa - Jessica Mesh Head v4.2

New review about Catwa Jessica Mesh Head, this is about the new version 4.2! (click here for v1.1 review).
We have some great news on the update.


  • Designer: Catwa
  • Name: Jessica
  • Version: v4.2
  • Price: L$ 3,599
  • Animations: Talk Animations - 9 Animated Expressions - Chat Triggers
  • Huds: Hairbase/Teeth - Face

Here I want to talk about the updates, if you want to know more about the basics options, infos, huds etc.
You can read my first review about Catwa Jessica Mesh Head v1.1.


Black and White Shaved hair added to the hairbase Hud.

3 [B Dark] & 3 [B Light] 

You can change the color of your favorite shave from the Head Hud. (Tint.Alpha.Lashes).
Just select the hairbase icon and then the color! You can save your own tones too. Continue to read to know more about!

The hairbase Hud introduces a new category: Teeth! (teeth rigged)
5 teeth options to choose, you can also upload and save your favorite ones.
Available the mask button too.

Many news on the face hud.

Pose Button

First of all we've a new pose button up the "animations" category,
so you can have a static pose to simply edit your avatar and face.


- Lashes: 4 new upper and lower lashes options. (lashes rigged)

- Diffuse: allow you to tint the selected area (lips, eyebrows,       make up, hairbase, lashes).

- Tint Diffuse/Shine: After select the part you wish to tint, select the color.

- Shinisess: Glossiness controls the sharpnes of reflections,  Envifornmental controls the strenght of the reflected light.

- Hide/Show: Alpha for head, ears and lashes.

- Neck Size Body Part: Choose the size to fit well.

- Reset: Reset button

- ?: Gives you an info note.

5 Slots to save your tints!
Just press on Save button.


-5 Eyeliners styles, tintable in the "tint" category.

My Comments
Catwa is doing a very good job. The head is going to be better update after update.
What everyone asked is "a customizable head" and this is what Catwa is doing.
I'm very happy about it.
Last update made on 20 October 2015, so use the redelivery terminal to get your v4.2!
And you? What do you think about?

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