Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#Look 10

And after days of chocolate eggs, I'am back from Easter with a new outfit!
A new exclusive item tattoo from Infected for AnyBody Event, 3 tones and appliers (check vendor below).
Then a super cool dress from THD, totally in love with black leather. 
I got new hair and shoes: the shoes are awesome on details, and the hair i think are my favorite short hair for the moment! 
Hope you all had good holidays. ;)  

Skin [The Skinnery] - Blair - Toffee
Mouth [PXL] - SweetLips
Tattoo Infected - Absolute (@AnyBody)
Hair Truth - Bexley - Variety

Dress [THD] - Leather Dress w. gold studs
Shoes REIGN - Bohemian Energy Wedges - Black

Clutch REIGN - Skully Wristlet - Black
Hat Random.Matter - Cornelius Bowler - Spiked w/ Bow
Necklace EPOQUE - Shard Necklace - Gold
Bracelet RYCA - Bracelet Cuban Cross - Gold
Watch LB - Rock Watch - Gold

Pose {Pose Maniacs} - Melanie


  1. I am obsessed with the SKELLY WRISTLET! you posted its at REIGN and I have been there 2x in and out up and down and cannot find it. Can you please HELP ME! P.S. I LOVEEEEE your blogs!

    1. Hi Lulu! =) I've asked to the creator about, she probably "forgot" to put those bags in store, so she said she will put them on sale at the mainstore soon! Check back soon :D
      And thank you so much, i'm happy you like my blog ♥ Kisses!

    2. yay! Thank you for letting me know. I will def check back! And I will share your blog and tell people. You have amazing style. Love each blog u have made...you make me NEED to shop! <3 hugzzz

    3. No problem :D Hahaha Thank yooou, you're so kind ♥ Shopping: mode on!

  2. I still cannot find this Skull bag at REIGN! :(

    1. =( I'm so sorry for it! Try to contact the owner :D