Monday, February 1, 2016

#76 | You Are Beautiful

A perfect body, a soft skin, tidy hair, clothes to rivals everyone, great make up, tall size and so much more... Each time and every state has its ideal of beauty and we always want to be like that model showed on TV.
Ok... Stop! Do you really think that this is the beauty? Do you really think that the appearance is your only true beauty? Are you sure that reaches the appearance of a model face you a cute person?
Many of us pause to think that this is beauty, and I do not deny that it is, of course, aesthetically six suits to the ideal of the moment. But the beauty is inside.
Kindness, sensitivity, understanding, humor, appreciate the little things, be simple, be yourself. This is the real beauty.
Each of us has a special part, different from the others. And this makes us unique. Each of us is beautiful, each of us is special. Do not dwell on the opinion of the people, you probably are jealous or do not know how you really are, they do not know your beauty.
Raise the f*cking middle finger and go forward, head held high, broad shoulders and a big smile on your face.
Yes, smile! Smile because you're beautiful ♥

Skin L'Etre - Gloria Skin - Golden - Catwa Applier
Lipstick L'Etre - Gloria Lipstick - #5
Hair Moon - Nashville - Variety (@Uber)

Top Ison - Lace Bralette - Black (@Uber)
Skirt Seul - Sheer Insert Layered Skirt - Onyx (@Uber)
Shoes ChicChica - Lexie - Noir (@Cosmopolitan)

Bag Ryvolter - Isadora Winged Leather Tote - Red (@Uber)

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