Sunday, January 31, 2016

#75 | Throwback To Childhood

Yesterday I was talking with a friend of mine about our past, when we were little girls. We talked about how the things are much different now. Before we used to play out in the yard, just a good friend and a ball and we were happy.
I'm sure that many of you lived those times.
Do you remember the phone booths? Oh gosh, how many jokes... also like ring the intercom then running laughing, yes what a stupid way to play, but damn, was so funny.
And speaking of intercoms... before, to call a friend, we used to ring and say "Hey come down!", no txt messages.
Then, how cute when you fall asleep on the couch and you awaken in bed.

Toys.. ok I think the post part of readers are girls, how many dolls did you had? I've had a few, but I am one of those who liked to play war with guns and swords.
But I'm sure that all of use (or at least in my country) loved some toys like these, I made a collage because they are soooo many!
Cartoons..I was a Disney lover, I got all the Disney VHS (I probably still have them somewhere).

My favorite game was to play war against invisible zombies with my cousin, this picture make me remember how I imagine my house during the game hahaha

Well, there are so many things to remember. I'm very curious to know something about your childhood that we all can remember, leave a comment if you would like!

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