Thursday, January 28, 2016

#74 | Applications Page!

So many people in Second Life enjoy blogging, this is a big passion that is coming out to girls, boys and decorators.
I opened my first blog many years ago, then I had to time for that so I closed that blog and after some years I opened this one (almost 1 year ago).
Every blogger have to find the right 'category'. What do you like to do in SL? What do you love to buy?
While I've a passion for fashion and photography I decided to blog about fashion clothing and accessories. But, for example, I always enjoyed to give infos about what I know and help people to find or know more about something. So the best way to me was to create reviews and tutorials.

Because many readers what to stay informed about what's new from stores and in SL in general, the best way to give infos is to blog new releases, and the most part of stores hires bloggers.
Sponsors use to send copies of their products to a blogger team that have to post them.

The most big problem for me when I started to blog was to find them, to find the stores looking for bloggers, so I decided to open a new facebook page called SL Bloggers Applications where I use to post the applications of stores hiring bloggers.
I hope that it can helps bloggers that had problems like me in the past to get new sponsors.
I also made a flickr group where designers can post their apps too.

Skin The Skinnery - Hilde - Bare Face - Honey
Hair Elua - Chay - Ombre A

Shirt Kitja - Athena Top - Pink (@Uber)
Pants Evani - Hillary Jeans - Blue (@TheSeasonsStory)
Shoes N-Core - Glance - Tan Gift

Dog Black Bantam - My Old Chiuaua - Tan RARE (@Lost&Found)
Necklace Mandala - Onliest 
Bag Reign - Fringed Clutch - Camel

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