Monday, November 2, 2015


Hi! Today I've cleaned my whole inventory. After long time it was a mess, so I had to give a clean.
Full of demo packs, unnecessary notecards, textures, scripts, bag poses etc... I go crazy! And because my computer is not a Sir.Computer, when my SL is full it starts to be slow.

I remember that long time ago I used to delete folders of old clothes, accessories etc.. that I don't like or use anymore, but my inventory is always super-full, so I found a new way to clean it!
I also made a post about Inventory Organizer.

This is how I use to clean my inventory. I usually do it every month. Here is in steps what I do:

  1. Clean Trash
    You can clean your trash also at the end, I use to do it first because when it is full sometimes my SL crash, so I prefer to clean it before and after. [Right Click "Trash" -> "Empty Trash"]
  2. Clean Lost And Found
    Before cleaning your Lost And Found folder, be sure that inside there aren't things you wont delete. [Right Click "Lost And Found" -> "Empty Lost And Found"]
  3. Delete Notecards
    I use some keywords to find the unnecessary notecards to delete: Read, Thank You, Thanks, FAQ, Policy, Check, Info, Note, How to, Customer
  4. Delete Scripts
    Keywords: Delete Me, Hold, Pose, Animate, Unpacker, Unpack, Bag, Touch, Content, Give, Delet
  5. Delete Animations
    Keywords: Hold, Bag, Delete Me, Delet
  6. Delete Textures
    I don't always delete the vendor's pictures because sometimes I like to see them instead of try the item, for example when I'm looking for something. But if you want to delete them, here are some keywords: Vendor, Vendor Ad, Ad Pic, Logo, Display
  7. Delete Folders/Packs
    Delete the empty folders and packs (also the wearable pack that you've already upacked), then search Demo and delete the demo folders.
  8. Check the Trash
    This is very important, before clean the trash, check it to be sure that you're not deleting something for error.
  9. Clean Trash
    If everything is ok you're ready to clean the trash like the first step!

Now your inventory is lighter, every time I do it I delete so many things. Personally this help me a lot on my SL speed and inventory loading. Hope it was helpful, it is more like a reminder for me too, but many it can help someone else, that's why I'm sharing it.

If you have any questions or if you know more keywords/ways please leave a comment and I'll add it in the list!
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About the outfit, I'm wearing a new outfit from Rinka for Cosmopolitan, it is very nice, then hair from Bold&Beauty for The Gacha Garden and shoes from Phedora for Sad November.

Skin Birdy - Ali Vip Skin - Pure
Hair Bold & Beauty - Eden - Pastels (@TheGachaGarden)

Shirt Rinka - Sami Shirt - Black (@Cosmopolitan)
Shorts Rinka - Sami Shorts - Black (@Cosmopolitan)
Shoes Phedora - Berlin Boots - Onyx (@SadNovember)

Glasses Sorgo - Vader Shades - Black
Backpack Noir - Third Eye Backpack - Darks