Sunday, November 1, 2015

#66 | Sad November Open!

Hi! How's gone your halloween? I went to a party with my friends, the locations was awesome, and many costumes super-realistic!

But let's talk about what's new... the Sad November is now open from 12.00pm.
The event date is from 1st to 21th November.
Almost 100 designers with 1 exclusive item each. Seraphim posted a gallery showing the items of every store, click here to have a preview on the items. The creations are not the only one amazing thing, another one is the location, is very beautiful, visit the website to see some pics.
Because the place is very big, there's a map so you can find the store you're looking for in an easier way.

Click to see the Sad November Map

My look of the day is totally from Sad November, from the skin to she shoes. I think is very cute and i love the colors. I tried to connect the most part of the SN urls in front of the store.

Skin Pumens - Loreleya Skin - Autumn (@SadNovember)
Eyebrows Arise - Mila Brows (@SadNovember)
Hair Bold & Beauty - Marie Hair (@SadNovember)

Shirt Shine - Becks Mesh Sweater - Beige (@SadNovember)
Skirt Apple May Designs - Laced Mini's - Black (@SadNovember)
Shoes ChicChica - Regina - Noir (@SadNovember)

Necklace Ariskea - Berwood Pendant (@SadNovember)
Headband Astralia - Virginia Headband (@SadNovember)

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