Thursday, November 5, 2015

#68 | Review: Genesis Lab - Annie Mesh Head

Hi! Yesterday I went to The Chapter Four to see some new releases and have shopping. Was full of people so I had no the opportunity to visit all calmly, but I found a very great item!

During this last period the mesh heads are going to be very used and popular in Second Life, I talked a lot about Catwa mesh heads, but today I want to show you this new mesh head from Genesis Lab for The Chapter Four.

Here are some infos about:
  • Designer: Genesis Lab
  • Name: Annie
  • Version: 2.0
  • Price: L$1.250
  • Huds: 3 (Eyelashes Position Hud, Ears Hud, Skin Hud)
  • Animated/Expressions: No
This head is called Annie, and is one of the many mesh heads released by Genesis Lab. I liked this one because it looks a lil bit different. It is perfect for young avatars and looks very cute.
Unfortunatly this head doesn't includes any kind of animations or expressions. It's very simple.

The pack includes 3 huds, mesh head, ears, teeth, eyes, skin (for standard sl body), shape for eyes.
I think the face is very beatutiful, I like her so much.

But let's see the huds, the first hud is about the Skin, which give some options to change some parts:

Hud Genesis Skin Annie 

- 8 Eyes colors: You can also use your own if you prefer.
- 8 Eyebrows: same shape, just different tones
- 8 Hairbases: nice and good for pony tails, just the blonde is a bit too dark.
- 8 Lipsticks: very well made, the colors match perfectly all skin tones.
- 8 Eyeliners: they are amazing, many different eyeliners designs to choose.
- 8 Freckles/Moles: We have many freckles or moles to wear, they are so nice on this face.
- 8 Eyeshadows: I tried them I don't like all of them, but many are very nice.

- 6 Eyelashes: Then we have 6 eyelashes options, we can also hide/show the upper or lower eyelash.

- 4 Eyes Position: ok, we don't have expressions, but we have 4 eyes position to choose from open to close, perfect for pictures and the expression change a bit. Then a nice Blink option.

At The Chapter Four there's on sale also some lipsticks and 3 tones of blush (the blush is the one I'm wearing). Just beacuse is a tattoo layer you can't wear eyes make up/freckles or moles at the same time wearing the blush. This is possible with lipsticks.

What I Like
- I love the shape, the face is very pretty
- Very realistic Blink, well made
- Match with every mesh body
- Head fitted, so you can edit your head size, lenght and width
- So many make up options
- Possibility to wear Genesis mesh eyes, your own mesh eyes or standard sl av eyes

What I Dislike
- Don't have any animation and expressions (only static eyes pose and blink)
- Ears have a different color from the head (also using the hud)
- Hairbase colors are too different from the preview. (for example the light blonde is too dark)

My Comments
Ok, so, as I said this head is very pretty, perfect for young looks and super cute. I like how it is made and I also like the others things like the semplicity of the Hud, what it includes etc...
This is one of the head that I would use, just hope to see some expressions or animations. I think that would make the head looks perfect with them.

Leave a comment! I'd like to know what do you think about :)

Head Genesis Lab - Annie Head 2.0 - Cream (@TheChapterFour)
Hair Truth - Bexley Hair - Variety

Shirt Kitja - Meli Sweatshirt - Pink (@TheChapterFour)
Pants Evani - Eva Jeans - Blue (@Cosmopolitan)
Shoes Breathe - Requiem Wedges Heels - Pink Rose

Necklace Rebel Gal - Drop The Game Choker - 24k Yellow (@TheChapterFour)
Cow Birdy - Wooly Cow - Brown (@TheChapterFour)

Pose Imeka - Masami - Pose 6 (@TheChapterFour)

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  1. Pretty cute and a good price. Can they be copied or delivered if something goes wrong with skins like mistakenly using a skin that is not 2.0