Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#69 | Pray For Humanity

 During these days I been very busy in RL, so I'm sorry for not having posted. I have a new member in my family, a Pitbull puppy, her name is Keith have she's only 2 months old, so she need a lot of attention and time.

Today I'd like to talk about what is happened in Paris and what is happening in the whole world. As many of you know there are some attacks from terrorists and I'd like to share my opnion about it.
Many people says that is right to start a war against the terrorism and must combat. The world is going into a 3th world war, and this is horrible because we're almost in 2016 and how's possible to still do terrible things like this?
France bombed Syria, but who is going to die is not the terrorism, but just innocent people living there. Not all muslim people are terrorists., Why kill so many innocent people, kids etc... ?
I also think is not right to tag muslims as killers, there are good and bad people for all religions, not only the muslim ones.

I want to share my solidarity to all those people who are victims of malice, to people that died and their families. This is not only a war agaist Paris or Syria, this terrible war is in so many countries everyday and there are so many deaths every second.

 Pray for Humanity, Pray for the world.

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