Monday, February 22, 2016

#83 | List of Social Medias

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We always have something that we want to show to someone, things that we want to share from blog posts, to creations, to pictures or other projects. It's pretty hard to find the right places to share your things. I think it's great to share what we all needs, so what about creating a list of the best social medias?
The list I'm going to make will be always updated and it is made mostly for bloggers, something like "a list of social medias where you can share your blog posts". I must say, not all of them are very useful, but some are very popular and it helps a lot of increase your views. Let's see some of them, then if you have medias to add just leave a comment and i'll be happy to add your social media in my list.

1. Facebook: this is the most popular social network ever, you can stay connected with your friends and with everyone. 
I use to share my things in my profile, in groups and pages. 
You can also create your own fanpage. 
Facebook is the social where I get a big part of views.

2. Flickr: this is amazing for photographers, Flickr is a big photography gallery where your pics are visible in a very high resolution and quality. 
Get followers and follow your favorites. 
You can share your pics adding a description and also tag people and share it in many groups. 
I get so many views by My Flickr account.

3. Plurk: this is a social network where you can share your posts in a small way. 
It is nice to fast share, you can get followers and adding friends as well. 
My Plurk profile is new so I still don't get many views from there, but it helps.

4. Google+: very similar to fb, this social media is very used, many people started to use it daily. 
If your blog is made with blogger is can be connected to your google+ account, it means that your posts will be automatically shared in your google profile. 
My Google+ account gives me many views, not the most part but many. 

5. Reddit: this is a website to share links and texts. 
This is very perfect for share, super quick and easy. 60% of my views comes from my reddit profile
It is very helpful.

6. Bloglovin: helps you to keep track of your favorite blogs, creating an account you will have your posts shared automatically. 
My bloglovin profile doesnt give me many views at all, but helps anyway.

7. Pinterest: this is a site where you can save your favorite pics and urls, it is very nice, create your album and save all your web-favorites things. 
It is also great for share your own blog post pics. 
My Pinterest account is not very popular while i'm new on it, but it is very nice.

8. ASN: a social network made for avatars only, this is specific for Second Life, is very similar to fb but because fb sometimes delete some accounts you can use this social without problems. 
I just mad My ASN account.

9. Twitter: twitter is very popular in the social networks world, i still don't have a twitter account, so I dont know so much about it yet, but I know is very helpful.

10. Youtube: this is great for those people who create videos too. 
Youtube is one of the most amazing social ever. 
My Youtube account gave me many views, but it helps more if you create so many videos.

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