Friday, October 30, 2015

#Look 64

Hi! As you can see my blog is totally new! I've remade my template because sometimes I need to change! I also choosed to change my blog posts, still trying to find a good one, for the moment I'm going with this one, if you have any advice please leave a comment.
Because we're into autumn season, I'd like to talk about it. I never liked this season, you never know what to wear, too cold, too hot, raining, sunny... damn I get mad! (and sick too-.-).

This outfit is insipred on it, on autumn, raining, dressed with a warm sweater, but naked legs.
What do you think about? Do you like this season?

But let's talk about clothing on Second Life. I love to follow the season in SL, I mean.. if is summer, I like to wear summer clothes, if is winter, I'll make my avi looks like Santa Claus (but with a lil of fashion lol).
One of the most famous event in SL that makes you look very autumnal is Sad November!

My outfit is a preview on what Sad November will show. The event will open November 1st, until the end of the month. Is very big, there are so many creators partecipating and everything is super cool. Here you can see the website to have more infos about the event, sponsors, location etc.

Last thing I'd like to talk is a big news for me. I created a new facebook page dedicated to my blog.
You're welcome to join to follow my posts. :D

Skin Birdy - Ali Vip Skin - Pure
Hair Damselfly - Ornella - Light Red (@SadNovember)

Dress I<3F - Wintersweater - Black (@SadNovember)
Shoes Essenz - Copenhagen - Hud1 (@SadNovember)

Earrings/Necklace Ariskea - Berwood - Earrings & Necklace (@SadNovember)
Bag Zenith - Autumn Handbag - Black (@Uber)
Dog Fawny - Happy Puppies - Sweet Puppy Chocolate

Pose/Umbrella Posel - Umbrella 2 (@SadNovember)

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