Thursday, February 25, 2016

#85 | Purrr...

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I love cats, they are cute, affectionate, elegant... I have two cats in rl, they are so sweet to me, always looking for cuddles. I had fun making this picture, this really rappresent the sweetness for them. I can't stay without my cats and now I have many of them in Second Life too! lol

I went to C88 again and I bought the poses with cat by Half Deer, and I fell in love, so I went to the mainstore and... shopalcoholic mod ON! Yes, everyone is so cool, sweet and lovely, so I had a very big shopping there as you can see on the picture, almost every decoration is from there! I choosed pink as main color because it makes everything more cute. Et voilà! A full pinkie cat room.

The cats comes with the poses and there are many options like: decore cats, wearable cats and poses cats! So you can choose how to use your kitties!

You can find all the decors in this room at Half Deer mainstore, you should visit it!

Here's a close ups picture to show better the decors and clothing I used for this picture. As I said almost everything is from Half Deer, but I also got new things from other shops that absolutely deserve a close up because they are beautiful!

On the room birds from Dust Bunny & O.M.E.N., it comes with or without cage. Then chips and notes from Cosmic Dust (gacha), and the sweet heart strings from Black Bantam. The rest of the decors are from Half Deer.
On me I have a new beautiful dress by Bens Boutique, includes a texture hud changer with 25 different colors! Fits many mesh bodies. It is available at the mainstore.

I discovered a new passion for decoration, maby I'm not awesome at it, but it relax me and i enjoy it, so why not? On my flickr I added a new picture that shows my very first decore room, click here to see.

Skin L'Etre - Gwen Skin - Pearl - Logo Head Applier
Hair Mithral - Vodka - Variety (@Collabor88)

Dress Bens Boutique - Idil Mini Suede Dress

Birds Cage Dusty Bunny & O.M.E.N. - Lovebirds - Pink (@Collabor88)
Chips/Note Cosmic Dust - Her Messy Desk (@KawaiiProject)
Heart Strings Black Bantam - Paper Heart Strings
Cats Half Deer - Kitty Galore - Set 3 (@Collabor88)
Rest of decorations - Half Deer mainstore

Pose Half Deer - Kitty Galore - Set 3 (@Collabor88)

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